Lenten Prayer: Week 5, Day 5

“Just as we never learn except as we admit ignorance, there are places in prayer that we cannot experience except from the posture of helplessness. At such times of consummate need we learn things not only about the person extending friendship, but also about our own person. We probably know very little about ourselves until we see what we are like when backed into a corner or at the end of our rope. The psalmists emerged from their experiences of helplessness as better persons. David prayed in Psalm 25, “[God] leads the humble in what is right, and teaches the humble his way” (Psalm 25:9). One must be humble to be led, because following is a tacit admission the other person knows something we don’t. That’s probably why some of us would rather wander in confusion around a city than ask for directions. So, too, if we are to be taught, we have to “humble [our] way.” Any of us who have tried to teach have learned how difficult it is to instruct those who already – by their own declaration – know everything.” Dr. Ellsworth Kalas, “Longing to Pray”

Prayer prompt: Consider all the things you need that only God can provide. Take on a posture of helplessness before God that allows you to say, “thank you”, to the One who provides for all those needs.

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