Lenten Prayer: Week 3, Day 3

“So is there a “right” time for prayer? The psalmists would endorse morning, noon, night, any hour, every hour. Saints in the Christian tradition would reinforce the idea that any time is an appropriate time for prayer; and most of them would also emphasize the importance of prayer early in the day – a logic which, even if unattractive to some, is hard to deny… it’s very clear that time, place, and posture all matter. They matter differently at different times, for different reasons… But whatever the formalities of time, place, and posture, the psalmists would tell us, as would centuries of saints since their time, “Pray. Just pray!” Dr. Ellsworth Kalas – “Longing to Pray”

Prayer prompt: Today take a moment to pray in part of the day that you usually would not. See what the Holy Spirit brings to mind at this time of the day that you may not have been listening for at any other time.

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