Lenten Prayer: Week 3, Day 6

“The secret of exuberance is involvement. If we are to enjoy exuberance, we have to engage ourselves. The more nearly complete the engagement, the greater the level of fulfillment and of exuberance. And here’s the rub for most of us religious folk. We engage in too much of our religion at a safe distance. The saints are those persons – ordinary persons – who dare to involve themselves with God unreservedly. They perceive that God has gambled eternal love on them, so they in turn gamble wildly on God.” Dr. Ellsworth Kalas, “Longing to Pray”

Prayer prompt: Pray that God will erase the “safe distance” between you. As you pray try to envision what a worship service would look like if your only concern was to involve yourself with God unreservedly… Tomorrow you have the chance to make that prayer a reality, hope to see you in worship!

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