Lenten Prayer: Week 5, Day 6

“I love, too, the deliverance this helplessness brings. In another psalm that emphasizes helplessness, Psalm 25, David wrestles with shame, that vicious hold that others can put upon us. Notice always the difference between guilt, which is largely an internal matter between us and our own souls, and shame, which is inflicted from the outside by the judgments and expectations of others. In Psalm 25 David turns to God in helplessness, and in the process is delivered from shame. Helplessness before God makes us wonderfully less vulnerable to the judgment of others. Having contemplated our limitations before the Eternal, we are marvelously independent of the transient, no matter how vigorously the transient flaunts itself.” Dr. Ellsworth Kalas, “Longing to Pray”

Prayer prompt: Read Psalm 25. Enter into prayer in such a way that you, “turn to God in helplessness, and in the process [are] delivered from shame”. 

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